Retired Major Strother "Junior" Shumate

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Our love to Marietta and Bill and Janice

Posted by: Lois & Gary Eldridge - Duncan, British Columbia Can - Uncle to Lois   Apr 30, 2012

Junior was my Dad, Ralph Shumate's cousin. He came to the hospital last September when Dad had pneumonia. I really appreciated that and I know Dad did too. They were also the same age. I'm sure they had alot of childhood memories. I'm so glad they got to see each other in Dad's last days.Junior was a great man with alot of accomplishments in his lifetime. I will never forget his kindness.

Posted by: Karen Shumate Sullivan - Columbus, IN - cousin   Apr 30, 2012

Struther, it has been an honor knowing you !! We remember when we met you at Reihle Plaza to hear the Lafayette band in the summer. We knew you and Marietta were very special people and have enjoyed knowing you and being in your home. You always made us feel welcomed and we enjoyed your friendship and hearing your experiences. The old saying is, " When a senior citizen passes, a library passes with them." We believe it is that

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Posted by: David and Marlene Wilhelm - Frankfort, IN - Friend   Apr 21, 2012

Dear Rob: I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless. With deepest sympathy, Willie

Posted by: Willie L. White II - Houston, TX - Friend   Apr 20, 2012

Hey Pop! I will totally miss you so much...I had so much fun playing Wii bowling with you when i came to visit you a year or 2 ago..You beat me every time..grr...hehe! You are an awesome dude! You made me feel like a "daughter" to you, loved me for who I am and very welcoming me into your home...Love ya lots, Pop!! Go play cards and wii bowling with the Angels!
Miss you! <3>
Love, Terry

Posted by: Terry Inman - Punta Gorda, FL - family friend   Apr 20, 2012

You will still never beat me shooting black birds!! Thanks for all the wonderful memories and I am sure I am not far behind you!

We will miss you.

Posted by: Edgar Ragsdale - Nashville, TN - friend   Apr 20, 2012

Dad, How do I begin to tell you how much I am going to miss you from our talks to playing wii together! You always loved me even when it was hard to love, you always gave me advice even when it was hard for me to hear it, you always were there even when it was hard to be there. I love you today and for ever, I am now going to try to follow by example and

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Posted by: Lisa Hernandez - Lafayette, IN - Daughter   Apr 20, 2012

I once read a poem titled "The Dash". The dash was the between the year born and the year passed that is marked on the headstone. It was stated that the "Dash" was the important part of it all, not when you were born or when you passed, but how your life was inbetween. Just from reading about your father Rob, and his life; all the children, schooling and all the many other accomplishments in his life, I can tell

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Posted by: Christina Bage - Santa Fe, TX - Employee of Rob's   Apr 19, 2012

Rob, I am truly sorry for the loss of your Dad. i extend my sincere sympathy to you and your family at this very sad time
I know first hand how profound a loss it is when you realize that Dad will no longer be in your life. I can tell you though that the very best way to mark his passing is by filling your mind with all of the wonderful memories you have of happier times.
Your Dad was true

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Posted by: Beverly Burns - Wharton, TX - Rob & Deborah's friend   Apr 19, 2012

Dear Dad,
Thank you sooo much for picking me from the orphanage in Japan. You could have picked any body else, but you chose me, and because you chose me, you changed my life forever. I went from an orphan to your son, a proud son! You taught me a lot, from the taste of vanilla and Crisco as a little boy, to more important lessons of life as an adult. Not only are you an American hero, but you're my

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Posted by: Rob Shumate - Houston, TX - Son   Apr 19, 2012

Dear Grandpa,
You were the greatest grandfather any one could ask for. Meagan and I always had so much fun when we were with you. You definitely brought out the competitiveness out in the both of us. Whether it be from a game of checkers, a tournament of 3-13 cards, or a game of horse, we could never beat you! I remember going with you to take care of the bees and eating the fresh honey. So many wonderful memories with

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Posted by: Stephanie Shumate Alvarado - Houston, TX - Grand-daughter   Apr 17, 2012

Rest in eternity peace in the house of our Lord!
You will be missed! Always, Silly

Posted by: Sylvia Avila - Houston, TX - Ex-Daughter-In-Law   Apr 17, 2012